"It was InRhythm that paved the path for repeatable success."

David Uyttendaele, Founder & CTO, Mimeo.com


"It was InRhythm that paved the path for repeatable success. They transformed my staff into a rhythmic team that had the right tools to build great products again and again. Thank you!"

David Uyttendaele
Founder & CTO, Mimeo.com

“We enjoyed working with InRhythm very much during 2011-2012. They were able to help our team through the various difficulties of adopting Agile. During the time they worked for us, they have been a great resource to give all the kinds of training we needed, all the way from informal phone chats to working out knotty problems involving specific people to giving formal training on how an Agile team should work. It has been a joy to work with the InRhythm team and we have received great value for our investment!”

Mark Porter
CTO, Amplify

“InRhythm senior practitioners have helped us identify the top opportunities to accelerate our time to market. Their expert advice and on-site coaching has tremendously helped us establish clear goals, close gaps and establish high performing teams. Their expertise in the field of Agile software development and Lean Startups is highly commendable.”

Shelly Towns
VP of Product, Angie’s List

"InRhythm practitioners are experts in the field of High-Velocity Product Development. Highly recommend them!"

Pete Chen
GM & Vice President, Single Platform

“InRhythm was instrumental in positioning our company for accelerated growth and greater success. They’re a highly experienced team with an effective methodology, and they’ve delivered sound recommendations that have made a positive impact to our organization.”

James Hemmer
CEO, Antenna Software

“Gunjan Doshi and his InRhythm team have been instrumental in assisting us with the culture and process changes needed to transition our product development and technology teams from waterfall to a customized agile process, tailored to the specific needs of our business and industry. We’re building a whole-team approach between product development and technology, to achieve faster product releases and enhanced value by listening to our customers and our market through each iteration. Our teams are now truly working 'in rhythm'.”

Trent Gavazzi
Senior Vice President & CTO, Availity LLC

"Their advice was spot-on. A senior architect from InRhythm took just a week to thoroughly analyze the architecture and profile the performance of a system that was being developed for 18 months. They came up with a prioritized list of technical debt that needs to be addressed, and gave us a critical resource to augment our project needs. We highly recommend them."

Fred Lizza
CEO, Dydacomp

“We were very pleased with the results of the organizational assessment that InRhythm performed in such a short time. They exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend them!”

Amy Kadomatsu
Chief Product Officer, TheMarkets.com

"InRhythm team members are outstanding experts in the field of Enterprise Product Development. Their practitioners had an uncanny ability to get immediately at the root of organizational issues and solve them with a structured, insightful approach. Spend an hour with them and you will learn something meaningful, I promise."

Rachel Jarrett
Vice President, Kids and Specialty Products, Barnes & Noble.com

“InRhythm was instrumental in helping with both a comprehensive classroom training program and onsite day to day course correction, TaskStream was able to transform a product and development team of 35 into highly functioning scrum teams. Under InRhythm's guidance, business analysts were able to grow into product ownership and our engineers developed skills in TDD and automated QA processes. Gunjan also ensured that executive leadership was on board with the changes and understood the impact to the rest of the company.”

Taya Page
Director of Product Management, TaskStream

"We attended InRhythm's Essential Test-Driven Development in Javascript in July of 2013. The class was well structured and gave everyone who attended a core understanding of the proper way to do test-driven development. It had a great mix of lecture material and hands-on exercises that helped us solidify the Test-Driven principles and gave my team what they need to continue to practice TDD the right way."

Reimundo Garcia
Director, HBO Digital Products, Web Application Engineering

"Our whole management team was throughly impressed with how fast InRhythm was able to understand our business and discover unseen opportunities. Our product delivery really got in rhythm because of them. Highly recommend them!"

David Kim
Vice President, Head of Product, TheMarkets.com

"My team at Antenna Software took an InRhythm course in Summer 2011. I'm highly recommending InRhythm training and methodology to any software team and organization that is interested to learn and apply the latest software development methodology. Their Agile methodology and training has the right balance of informative and practical/execution content. The course is completely hands-on enable you to learn and practice as you go. InRhythm Team, well done!"

Zoran Ivanovic
Vice President, Engineering - Mobility Platform, Antenna Software

“I can't say thank you enough to InRhythm for helping us rapidly roll-out 2 major releases in record time. Their expertise in engineering, agile practices and test driven development is unparalleled.”

Chris Peifer
VP, Digital Business Development, Barnes & Noble

“Master at training and leading people in Agile / Scrum development...superb motivator of people and an excellent judge of talent and character.”

Court Cunningham
CEO, Yodle

“InRhythm has been a great partner for us over the years. They consistently deliver the right people for the job and often times within short notice. Strongly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their digital team.”

Samir Desai
Vice President Technology Solutions, Equinox Fitness

"InRhythm helped us establish a tailored process using principles from agile, scrum, etc that allowed us to really scale our development engine and prepare for the significant growth in our teams that was coming. If anyone tells you they will help you do agile or scrum “by the book”, then run away from them and talk to these guys – they will build something that fits you."

Jeff Dernavich
VP of Product Management, Silverpop

“I have worked with InRhythm for several years now and recommend them highly to any company that wants to improve their software development practices. They have deep expertise in agile practices and the field experience to know how to introduce and apply them successfully to achieve lasting business results."

John Merryman
CTO, Yodle

“They get product, people and technology like nobody else. Period. They have been active part of our leadership team and helped us make important decisions regularly. Highly recommend them!"

David S. Levy
CEO, Philo Media Corporation

"We worked with InRhythm from February 2010 - April 2011. They were very successful in rolling out a truly enterprise agile program across whole of Barnes & Noble. Very pleased with their professionalism"

Ranju Das
Director - Nook Cloud Engineering

"I would highly recommend InRhythm's bootcamp to get a thorough understanding of Agile practices and Lean Startups. After just 3 days, our team was able to immediately apply what they learned and we've now fully adopted Agile methodologies across the board."

Russ Cherry
SVP Technology, Booker Software

“I am confident that I am in a better position in my career and my company is in a better position to be a leader in our industry because of the diligent training and implementation of the new Agile Rhythm process.”

Tora Lutz
Sr. Product Manager, Availity LLC

"InRhythm's expertise in the world of high-velocity product development was extraordinarily useful in aligning the team and creating clarity in our organization. Gunjan's work was well rounded and detailed, and he delivered unique insights we would not have otherwise seen. Highly recommend them!"

Michelle Pae
Chief Product Officer, SpaFinder

“I have used Gunjan and his companies for multiple of reasons to help us attach problems. He is a top notch provider and very smart. So if you decide to engage his company very sure you will not be disappointed. He is an “A” player."

Pete Ellis
Chairman/CEO, SpaFinder Wellness, Inc.

"InRhythm helped us turn what was a chaotic, inefficient, and uncertain stress-fest into a highly efficient, predictable, and measurable machine. InRhythm unlocked and unblocked our potential. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Douglas Gottlieb
VP of Product, UX and Mobile, NBC Universal

"As a Director of UX, I had a need for UX designers and some front-end engineers, and InRhythm delivered. Their staff are some of the best I have seen in the industry. Rather than pixel pushers or code monkeys, they think deeply about product and UX design, engineering, and the customer experience. You can't put a price tag on that! They provided valuable input and insight. I enjoyed working with InRhythm people and highly recommend them for your staffing needs!"

Shawn J. Chittle
Director of User Experience and Design, Booker

UX Development

“InRhythm is more than a consulting practice, they are true partners in product delivery - best engineers in the industry by far!”

Chris Pena
Global VP of Technical Project Delivery and QA, Pearson Education, Inc.

"InRhythm understands that our applications are the core of our business. They consistently deliver the highest quality support to both technical and creative areas of our team, making them a source not only for executing on our goals but also for insights on making those goals better."

Stanton Schell
Product Design Manager, Amplify

"InRhythm provided expert resources in the capacity of user experience/design, front-end development and QA for critical projects at IIN, specifically on our main marketing sites as well as out next generation learning platform. Whenever we needed help, they could be counted on, a trusted partner who always delivered; they have my recommendation."

Mike Iacona
President & Director, Integrative Nutrition, Inc.

"We have used InRhythm's services ranging from executive coaching, to training our teams on Agile and Lean-startups, to utilizing their world class front-end engineers. They have helped us create high-velocity organization and have become among our most valued partners. I highly recommend them."

Josh McCarter
CEO, Booker Software

"We turned to InRhythm to source A+ talent for our product and technology teams and they have delighted us. They have a deep network of talent and a virtual bench to pull from. We highly recommend InRhythm."

Jeff Grayson
CIO, Equinox

"InRhythm provided a highly skilled team of front-end engineers in a short-notice. All of their engineers were talented, resourceful and professional. They integrated seamlessly with our business and created immediate value. Highly recommend them."

Vikram Menon
CTO, Integrative Nutrition

“Over the last 14 months, Interaction Designers and Front-end engineers from InRhythm helped deliver the next generation of MediaMath's enterprise platform with HTML 5, CSS 3, Backbone and Javascript using Agile methodology. InRhythm delivered a high performance team with high caliber individuals, that integrated directly into our organization and delivered great results. InRhythm has proven to be a trusted, reliable resource partner and I highly recommend them.”

Tom Craig
CIO, MediaMath

"I like partnering with InRhythm, not because of their engineering quality, which has remained high over the years, not because of the value they generate which is immediate, and not because of their engineers who are sharp, fun and easy to work with. I like InRhythm because I know I can rely on them for all these things, and will continue to do so.”

Vijay Venkatesh
CTO, Baublebar

“InRhythm's expertise in the world of front-end engineering has made them very attractive to us. We will keep using their talent for our front-end engineering needs. Highly recommend them!”

Dave Walters
CTO, SpaFinder

"They successfully created an approach that combined business vision, product strategy, ux design, project resourcing and agile execution. Their expertise in web and mobile product development was key, and helped position us for success. The difference in the teams and their productivity are night and day, and we have InRhythm to thank!"

Sara Bial
VP, Product Management and Creative (eCommerce), Barnes & Noble

"We needed surge capacity on our product development efforts to meet a critical timeline. InRhythm quickly provided end-to-end full-service product development in no time to meet our needs. They are easy to work with, integrate seamlessly and provide great service. I will highly recommend them. Thank you!"

Pano Anthos
CPO, Alloy Digital

"Front-end Engineers from InRhythm rapidly optimized our e-commerce mobile experience and also made it responsive just in time before the holiday season.They exceeded our expectations. Thank you InRhythm!"

Mark O’Neill
CTO, Thrillist.com

“InRhythm's consultants always walked the extra mile and generated best results. I was always confident that the projects they worked on would be of highest quality and on time. They are a reliable partner. Highly recommend them!"

Mahender Bohra
Director, Software Engineering, Weight Watchers
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