Product Innovation Framework

InRhythm’s innovative product development framework covers both what we build and how we build it.

This workflow shows how we answer the question: "Which product do we build?" It shows the path from validating solution (Value Sprint) to designing the product with customer in mind (Design Sprint) and, finally, creating the technology platform by defining architecture, data modeling, and tooling for the proposed solution (Foundation Sprint.). Once this is completed, the teams start sprinting (see InRhythm Scrum Framework). Hover over Tap any point below to view more information about our process.

01 Value Sprint

Core Customer
Pains and Gains
Value Proposition
Juicy problem
to solve?

02 Design Sprint

Product Vision
User Story-Map
MVP Prototype
solution fit?

03 Foundation Sprint

Project Community
Core Architecture
Rhythm Room
Team Playbook
Automated Tracer Bullet
Visual Controls
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