Bar Raisers

When passion drives you, new skills entice you,
and building innovative product motivates you; the bar is raised

Bar Raisers

When passion drives you, new skills entice you,
and building innovative product motivates you; the bar is raised

The People that make your team better and challenge the status quo

InRhythm employs a Bar Raisers interview process for all candidates we hire. Statistically, 75% of the hiring in an organization is for the sake of hiring replacements, costing a company an average of $200,000 per bad hire. Because of that we have deployed the Bar Raisers interview process to look at more than a person’s skills in order to hire. Our interview process is focused on determining if a candidate will be an asset to a team from a skills, behavior and a competency perspective.

There are two key things we look for to be at the core of every InRhythm employee:

Personality:  Personality goes a long way. While personality is a soft skill; behaviors and habits that define an individual, they are difficult to change but critical to understanding, as they are the nature of a person.

Skills:  Skills pay the bills. These are things that you get better at over time or can be learned. These include practical skills, experience, and abilities.

Listen to you

We hear your needs and give you a product that fits your vision.


We want to learn about your brand and embrace the culture behind it.

Know their craft

We love what we do and always strive to be the best.

Execute flawlessly

Pride comes with a job well done. Our only job is to have you be as proud of your product as we are.

Custom Team Pods

InRhythm is a strategic partner and will provide a dedicated SWAT team of 2-4 people. Each team is hand crafted with a limitless combination of designers, engineers, or scrum masters that will see your pain points, assess them and build a plan to accomplish your goals all in an agile environment.

Design Studio Pod

This is an agency without an agency approach

An embedded team to deliver validated prototypes that integrates seamlessly in an Agile environment.

Minimum of 4 months with 3 Designers

Innovation Pod

A dedicated team to solve for your critical functional bottlenecks and help you create a functional center of excellence

Self Sufficient Modern Practice

Minimum of 4 months with 3 Engineers

Scrum Pod

A dedicated team to launch your most critical products with speed and quality.

MVP with Full Product Market fit and self-sufficiency in iterating over full MVP.

Minimum of 6 months with 6 Engineers

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